Barrie New Clients

Please take note of a couple of things:

  • Place your orders ONCE each week.
  • Only order what your household can reasonably consume in the next couple of days, as the food does not last long after pick up.
  • Please do not order food to distribute to others. We need to be able to contact recipients when there are food safety recalls, so we need to have correct and accurate records.
  • If you do not pick up the food you ordered, you will not be allowed to order again for a specific period of not less than one week. (Your order must be thrown out - it cannot be restocked).
  • As a food recuse participant, please ensure you inspect all items received before you consume them. We inspect them when they arrive and are ordered; you need to also inspect for food safety before consuming.
  • If you attempt to return or resell products obtained from the food rescue, this will result in a lifetime ban.

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